Top Hotel Deals – Read this review before you make any hotel deal!

Top hotel deals

In any sort of travel of any type of carriage be it through a plane, train, ship or even by vehicle, one thing you always must plan for is a hotel, somewhere to sleep in the few days you are away from your home zone.

Let me assume that you are going for a journey for whatever purpose; whether you want to spend some time with your lover {valentine’s vacations) or for any other businesses and probably sorted out your travel risks by ensuring yourself and perhaps booked a flight ticket.

Now what remains is to find a hotel that meets all your needs, and just to cater for your needs I am hereby intending to discuss a top hotel company that is professional and award-winning in its goals.
This company is time-honored to making and agreeing on top hotel deals with any party who wishes to reserve a room for serious business or for leisure and what is in between.

Emaar Hotels

Emaar Hotels


We all intend to reserve a hotel that is hygienically excellent, customer supportive, globally branched, reputedly famous, administratively descent, and on top of all affordable in terms of price.


Having all the qualities mentioned in the above paragraph, I want to discuss the….

Additional pros of the hotel whose name is mentioned in the banner above

The Pros/Advantages

  1. Easy booking system – unlike some hotels which you need to fill bulky form(s) or must visit their office for booking purposes, this property enables you reserve a room of your choice right from the comfort of your home, sitting in your sofa and probably going through one of my popular articles 11 benefits of traveling .

Making the best hotel deals has never been easier and much friendly than with this property.

  1. High standard of hygiene – it has been noted that the most considered aspect of hotel is none other than hygiene, this refers to the cleanliness of the living rooms, the food, the water, the clothing, the staff, the toilets, the environment around and all that sound necessity. Having this in mind this property has invested hugely on hygiene standards and made sure that everything is 100% clean. (NO COMPROMISE ON HYGIENE ISSUES)



  1. Convenience – the company do have branches across the whole world, and depending on the desired part of the world you want to spend time, you can get your top deal here. However there are some parts of the world that cannot be covered but hopefully, you can understand WHY
    and by the way, you will find the possible branches you can get a deal from when you happen to visit the company’s main website


  1. Other services – across all the hotels that operated by this company have got uniform resources and such resources include what is referred to as “other services”. These other services include; shopping mall, Internet service (availability of Wi-fi), leisure appliances and many more that is valuable to you.


  1. Excellent hospitality – one big pillar that must be carefully undertaken by any company who intends to thrive in this user-oriented world is hospitality; this is literally the staff and the resources that customers can have access to. To dominate the hotel industry, this company had to erect this pillar with immense investment and finally can be deduced that it is one of the most hospitable hotel industries in the universe.



  1. Compatibility – unlike some hotels which have problem with accommodating people with children, people who are living with some serious but not contagious diseases or people with disabilities who need special attention and facilities, this property is exceptional in such bad category of hotels. Its accommodation rating is 99% as it welcomes everyone, promises to deal with their conditions and fulfills the promises at last. So have less worry with compatibility entombments and reserve your room now!


Emaar Hotels



  1. Easy Cancellation – in the event of changing your mind, either to postpone your journey or to book another hotel if you feel like or just decide to bring the deal into a halt, this property enables you to cancel your reservation ticket right from your profile in the company’s site. The company ensures that you get your money refunded fully without confusing you with (WHY) questions.



  1. Customer service – one ideal perspective that deserves instant check by any client is how they can communicate with the company, the possible means and ways of reaching out that particular company they are intending to make deals with. Interestingly this hotel industry has got very easy ways of reaching you and communicating with you and vice-versa. The incredible communication facilities include:
    a) They provide phone number at the top-right of their main site. Visit and see the phone number which you can call and submit your concerns to.

b)They do have WhatsApp number which enables you to interact and chat with them.

c)There is also a live chat icon in the main site which you can click and submit your concerns as well.

I believe the above three communication aspects I mentioned matter very much and are very responsive as they create a sense of emergency and enable you to get a response to your queries instantly unlike email or Facebook page where you need to wait for a reply for a business day if not days or weeks..


  1. Discounts – although, I don’t have the gadget to discuss this point in detail but then there are promotions and coupons that clients are rewarded with, so depending on the expense you plan for hotel reservation and the likely of rebooking with the company, the discount and the promotion gifts you get access to vary. Explore more and see more on promotions.


The Cons/Disadvantages

  1. Limited coverage zones – it is true that the company has got different subsidiary hotels that you can book any of them from one point, but then it is necessary to point out that it doesn’t have branches everywhere you feel like visiting, so be alarmed and take a look on which hotels you can book
  2. Possibility of incurring high costs – of course, there are services that are free of charge that the hotels in this company offer to their clients but not every service is free, like when you are shopping within the hotel, the price of items maybe even much expensive the actual market price, this is because the company claims that they brought those items for you on your leaving room doorstep and you need to pay for that. So this may cost you more than you intended.


Recommendations & conclusions

Before I give my recommendations, I want to assure you that the information above is of course for the purpose of sale and generate Leeds but one thing you need to decipher is this information is independently researched and is greatly more of customer-based reviews than author’s solo perception. So it is up to you to believe and try out what it takes

As you must have seen the pros outclassed the cons by a very significant percentage and because of that it is very much likely that you decided to book a room of your choice right way.

Off topic

If you are intending to travel and don’t know where to visit, maybe with your lover, wife or children, get the top most liked places to visit.


On top all that I am hereby assuring to help you out in case you are left with any question about this review, so please feel free and post your comment in the comment section below…..I will either direct you a resource that enables you to know more about your concern or will answer to your query in person (usually within 24 hours).



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