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Affiliate marketing involves a strategy where you sell the products of another person (entity) by collecting prospective customers, letting them recognize the existence of a certain product or remind them of a branded product that was once active and inducing them to buy, and after the customer buys the product, you earn a specific commission that you and the seller have agreed upon.

How can I do internet affiliate marketing?

Before the internet conquered the world, affiliate marketing would sound too unused to everyone, and even economic scientist would make it too big and refer it using multiple terminologies, which include; salesperson, advertisements made on radio or TV, shows and exhibition made in public areas or seminars.

in the early days of internet civilization, internet affiliate marketing would be understood greatly but exploited poorly, every Tom and Harry would place popups, burners and affiliate links all over their content and some would even annoy the visitors by clicking themselves automatically, this would assassinate the reputation of Internet Affiliate Marketing wouldn’t the search engines improve on their ranking techniques, this ranking strategy would ban such scam sites completely or rank them to a zero level, therefore no organic visitor would land on them.

What do I require to set up my affiliate program business?

The requirements are very few:

  1. You need to have the full knowledge and the resources to activate your business, get full courses of affiliate marketing here.
  2. A website that’s functional and preferably your website should have a top-level domain (as most affiliate programs treat top-level domain based websites with higher authority over subdomain based websites).
  3. Your readiness and your capabilities of being constant in writing more and more articles regarding product review.

What does online affiliate marketing involve?

Right from the definition, the only way you can make money through an affiliate program is to generate sales. However, there are some instances when you can make some income from your site through a sub-category of affiliate program by just getting clicks on ads you place on your site, such ad is called Google AdSense.
Now, to the subject, there are multiple products you can advertise to create space for your affiliate marketing business, you can create a connection with online markets, like Amazon, eBay and etc. these markets will then validate your site by mirroring it with a set of parameters they happen to demand, like “Your site should not contain adult content, your site should have a certain number of monthly visitors” and so on. After getting verified and approved, you will enjoy writing product reviews and waiting for people to buy so that you can make some money in form of commission.

A very obvious issue to those who might bought products/services online but a rocket science issue to some who are still wondering how can someone buy something online, again through your site?:
-Okay, depending on the rank of your site in search engine’s pages and perhaps the uniqueness of the keyword you choose, someone in a different country may want to buy a product that may not be available in their location, therefore they tend to look such product from the internet, incidentally but realistically they happen to use the keyword you’ve used in your article when you were writing review on that product, interestingly they find your site, frankly they click, honestly they read, choicely they hit the affiliate links you placed in your site, eventually they buy the product and greatly you earn commission as a result! That is the rough concept behind making money through affiliate marketing.

Overall Rep of Affiliate Marketing

A nitty-gritty idea: do you know you can create your own products especially digital ones, and send visitors to buy them, and then you will be the one earning not only commissions but even the actual sale, market your services through 3dcart reviewed here

Digital product….? This product mainly involves services, like if you can teach a certain course, if you can prepare a certain meal, if you can perform a certain genre of music and so on

Can every of my skills, expertise be digitalized and sold out in the market?…

No really! There are factors to consider when selling your services, just to mention one or two because I don’t want to go off topic.
1. That service of yours should be unique and it should never be available on the net for free of charge (because no one is tempted to buy a product that they can freely get).
2. That service of yours should logically be marketable – it should be important to an extent that at least some people may want to learn or know about it.

Most Common affiliate programs available on the net today

  1. Shareasale
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Amazon Asscoicates
  4. eBay Associates
  5. LinkShare

What are the biggest roles I should play towards my affiliate program business?

-After establishing and hosting your website and partnering with one or a few affiliate programs stated above, the role you need to play becomes too weightless:
all you will need to make is to write articles regarding a certain product’s review and wait for sales to come…

How can I write a highly converting article?

highly converting article is an article that leads to a large number of sales, for instance if 1000 people visit your product review article and then 100 of them click those links and out the 100, 10 to 15 of them buy the product, then you have a very high converting article, on the other hand low converting article is that which generates 1 or 0% sales.
Now there are some concepts to have in order to write a highly converting article/content:

  1. Your content about the product review should be accurate – give an honest review, it has been noted that products which are honestly reviewed (some negatives or cons in them) generate higher sales than products which are extraordinarily advertised without any negativity. You are communicating to mature people who are aged enough to buy from online, so communicate with accuracy and honesty.
  2. Your content should be informative – people are hungry for information before they decide to buy, write enough material regarding the product you are advertising.
  3. Let your content be captivating – when someone visits your article, they should be in a position to continue reading your content, use humorous words in some instances especially in the introductory part. Make your content as reading-worthy as possible.
  4. Place your links where appropriate – one common defect that most of the people fail to notice but a bad practice, is that how to place your links throughout your content; some people place links and burners all over, this may trigger a sense of spam, some others place the links in an inappropriate place that doesn’t lead to maximum clicks.
    Now the best approach you can adopt is to place your affiliate link ID in two to three areas in the first 300 words of your article, then the next link should come after accomplishing around the 400 words mark. In case your article should contain different links then the number of links may be double to those I mentioned or else continue with your writing and place as much as 4 to 5 links at the conclusion part. And one more thing your article word count may range between 1,200 words to 1,800 words.

How can I drive visitors to my site so that my affiliate marketing business gets on the GO?

-That is a million dollar deserving question!

The answer is, first of all, you need to know where your traffic should be coming from??

Probably you are thinking about Google and other search engines only! Aren’t you??

Of course, Google has got the largest number of visitors, edging close to 4Billion daily visitors! What if you would just get 100k of those 4BN to your site daily! You would be the GOAT of millionaires.

In Google, there are two main and only ways of getting visitors to your site and those are the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The SERP involves paid traffic where you pay Google under a certain keyword and depending on the amount of budget you set for, the SERP service will end after your budget towards that program ends!, the other methodology which is of course very common involves organic traffic which costs you nothing but a great deal of them can be achieved after being consistent and active for a while.

Are there other ways of generating visitors (commonly referred to as traffic)?

BIG YES! There is always an alternative for every scenario, what if you are new to content creation and in general to the website world and you want to get visitors very quickly!?

Well, not maybe the quick you want, but this idea may fasten your rate of getting huge traffic!

  • You can establish an account on every social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest being the main ones. You could then be making daily activities in those platforms, like updating pages on Facebook, pinning pictures that are linked to your site, posting videos on youtube, making posts on instagram with links that probably take the visitors to your site!
  • Note: Getting social engagement and referrals doesn’t only lead huge traffic to your site but as well improves your site’s ranking in search engines because search engines like Google value and give authority to sites that are more socially engaged than others.

Another way of making good use of use of social media especially YouTube which in other words jeopardizes the enhancement of your site and improves your traffic rate is; befriending some YouTubers with a quite larger number of subscribers or video viewers!

How can I befriend such people?

There is a chain you can follow:::  subscribe to their channel, be watching their videos, add comments that is substantial, (not links mostly) because this may make you look scammer, follow them on social media, chat with them if possible, take time to make them understand your program.

 ………………………………With consistency success comes………………………………..

When an opportunity arises, you can either ask them to help you gain traffic through their channel or they may even invite you to discuss your program so that you will want to hit the target and take advantage in the most decent way.


After having gone through all the above, hopefully, you may want to join the world of affiliate marketing, for you to realize your financial dreams and peruse your carrier of online marketing, you need to get support of all time (SOAT), an all-in-one service serving community that enables you to host your website (s) and gives you enough tutorial to enhance your success in the online industry and frankly solve any problem you happen to have…..

Then you should join Wealthy Affiliate. wouldn’t it be wealthy affiliate I wouldn’t have met most if not all the knowledge, the support, the inspirations and atmosphere of my online carrier, Kudos to Wealthy affiliate

If you ever have any query, please leave it as a comment in the comment text box below, I will be typically replying to you in a matter of one business day (24hours)

10 thoughts on “Internet Affiliate Marketing – Know What Affiliate Marketing Means

  • Affiliate marketing is pretty darn wonderful. It gives the little man a chance to earn big! But more importantly, it allows you to help regular people with problems they may be facing. Getting a few bucks for it is just a huge bonus.

    I first tested affiliate marketing back in 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I actually started with spamming facebook posts, which is very ineffective (haha). But I didn’t know better back then.

    What is your favorite aspect of affiliate marketing? Is it creating new content? Hearing from your readers? Earning money? Learning new stuff?

    Thanks for writing this thorough introduction to AM. I’m sure many will have use for it!

  • Going through your post has enlightened me more on affiliate marketing and its associated benefits.
    I hope the information on this page can be accessed by a number of people out there because they will benefit a lot from it.
    Keep up the good work.

  • You are sharing some great information here. How do you find the Google Adsense program, I feel it earns very little, but still doesn’t hurt to have it there.

    Do you think Google looks favorably at those who do have Google Adsense?

    Thanks for sharing the different places where I can go to find some affiliate products. When would say is the best time to apply to these programs, as soon as I have a blog or when I have some articles written to it?

    Pinterest is the way to social media for me right now; I’ve not tried Youtube yet, I will give Facebook ads a try as soon as I learn what their criterias are to advertising on their platform. They have been up and down lately.

    Thanks for explaining more about affiliate marketing.

    • Google Adsense isn’t so healthy in revenue generation unless you have an incredible amount of daily organic visitors, but just to enhance the presence of our content in google we would some-way be forced to opt it in!

      otherwise, great feedback, thank you.

  • Great article, so much valuable information here that people who want to dive into affiliate marketing can find here and decide is it really for them. I think online marketing has huge potential, just have to work hard, be consistent and patient. What is your preferred way to get traffic to your website? I really liked how you explained that social media can generate lots of traffic to website, just need to be smart and use social media properly, without being a scammer. Great post, thank you!

  • I was wondering if you could tell me what the ads are that are throughout this article. Did you choose those ads, or do they populate in some way automatically? For example, there was one for LinkedIn and one for Simplify Cloud Complexity. I can be very controlling, lol, about what goes on my site, so I would be nervous giving someone else control over what ads appear on my site, so what program is that?

    Email me back or you can contact me in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which I see you are promoting in this article. As a note about that, I absolutely love the program, and I have had great success with it. I am hoping to become a super affiliate by next year!

  • Great content and information. The picture explaining how affiliate marketing works is very good and also including the networks to use. Explaining how google works is great also. Thanks for the info.

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