How To Build Your Own Website Free – And Monetize Instantly

Building Website From Scratch & Monetizing it Instantly

Codes behind the Site

Website creation from scratch, making it functional, friendly with search engines, incorporating necessary plugins, getting decent rankings, driving free traffic and monetizing it, has never been easier to accomplish than today!.

Very soon I am going to discuss how the above phrases are sorted out without too much hard work…

In the recent past, one had to acquire at least markup languages to build their site with a hosting platform. I personally was forced to learn lots of tags in HTML, enormous styling elements in CSS and as well hundreds if not thousands of function parameters in JavaScript to get the overall knowledge of building a site from scratch!.

those burials and requirements are no longer there, you could build a site with a professional layout with almost no prudent element missing in just MINUTES!

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Website Creation
  2. Making it functional
  3. Importance of Plugins
  4. Developing a relationship with search engines
  5. How to get better rankings
  6. Generation of revenue (Monetization phase)

If you were ever looking for a place where you can build a brand new website for your business and monetizing in the soonest possible way, then today you really came to the right zone that would meet all your demands and would probably leave you with no questions….

Keep reading….

Website Creation…


What do you need to build a site…..Do you really need coding skills?

NO, you can have zero knowledge about coding skills.  There are only two requirements:

  1. A name for your website, this is just the name you would like to give to your business, this is sometimes referred to as website domain. It can be of anything, for instance, if you are an expert in frying eggs, then you may want to market that skill and teach people how to do so….then you can simply call your site “egg frying tutorial . com (but remember you should remove spaces when you are buying a domain for your site).
  2. A hosting platform, you might have decided which niche to use for your business, then the second step is to identify a hosting platform for your site, examples of hosting platforms: Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hosting24, iPage, SiteGround and so on. This could literally mean a virtual shop for your business, you can’t carry out your business without renting or buying a shop somewhere in the market. So long as you cannot buy virtual shops (hosting platforms) you can only hire and pay rents on either monthly or yearly basis!.

NB: Almost all hosting platforms in the internet today want you to at least have some knowledge in coding or web development in general EXCEPT one platform that readily welcomes you, enables you design a site of your choice, gives you the ability to buy your own personal top level domain, shows you the right and easy way to incorporate everything and gives you maximum human support, Explore more and join that platform and proof me wrong if it fails you.

2. Making your site functional

Assume you have identified a niche for your business, hosted it in a platform of your choice, then how can you make it functional….?

Making your site functional is never hard; it all involves posting content in it: content is just an article, which is either post or page accompanied by visuals.

In the case study above, we said that you decided to use “” as your business niche, so in this case you could be posting article relating eggs, for example, importance of eggs, ingredients for frying eggs, tools to use for frying eggs like the ban, the spatula, fork and so on.

You can be creating a hell of articles on this particular tiny niche, what of if you could pick a bigger niche…the coverage could be enormous!

To Subject: By writing much content and consistently updating your site with articles, you are directly making it functional as you are informing search engines that you are active and goal-oriented.

3. Importance of plugins

Importance of Plugins

Example of Plugins

Definition of plugins: this is just an external tool, that as a site owner you need to install and activate to enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of your site, an example of plugins are: AIO SEO, EWWW Image Optimizer, Newsletter, Social Media Follow Buttons Bar, and so on…

Why should I Install plugins?

Without plugins, you literally have no site…

Let’s make it very organic,

You might have rented a shop, an empty one, without even projections to hang on items, chairs to be seated by the clients in case they are many and in a queue, lights to be used at night, parking space and so on ….

So do you think you and your customers will be comfortable with that kind of arrangement, frankly no visitor will be even able to come to your shop because your shop misses the necessary equipment. Same applies to plugins for your site

What if a visitor intends to follow you on social media or even happen to want to share your content in their social accounts and you don’t have the “Sociable” plugin feature….won’t it a catastrophe?..

In short, plugin makes your site look decent, enable you collect emails thorough newsletter plugin, address your concern to search engines through All In One Search Engine Optimization plugin or YOAST, Money collector plugin,  and many other tremendous benefits that are necessary and useful for your business, all solved under plugins….

4. Being Friendly with search engines

Biggest Search Engine

It is not a big deal to befriend with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo but it is also very much costly and a big burden if you do not know the strategies associated with befriending them!

The strategies are very simple:

  1. Write content, that is relative to the keyword you are intending to use or in short relevant to the title you have given your article.
  2. Be accurate in your writing – this means, let the information you are posting as content be accurate enough, nobody entertains inaccurate data so what of Google, the biggest information database…
  3. Let your content be captivating enough – this means when someone happens to come to your site let them get the courage not to lift their eyes off!

    For your content to be captivating, implement the following simple points

  • Use simple language – do not tend to be using a hell of vocabularies, let your message be understandable by even those with an intermediate level of the language you are using for writing the article
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences – it has been noted using 3-5 lines paragraph adapts more readership than 10+ lines paragraphs.
  • Use visuals – these are images, graphs or videos that either summaries a concept or come with a new idea that fosters and boosts the general understanding of your content.

4. Be natural and Unique – being natural means, do not concentrate more on the keyword you decided to discuss, because if you do so you will end up staffing your whole content with keywords, and with the recent updates and improvements on search engine bots, such content with enormous keyword usually get lower rankings and even there a risk of your site to being shut down!. So use keywords where relevant but natural in writing the content and as well the follow of ideas. On the other hand, being unique means, writing your own thing, never try to copy-paste someone’s content because this is a violation of copyright and in any case at any time it more like illegal and therefore it probably shuts down your whole website.

5.How to get better rankings

Search Engine Optimization

The main target of writing any article is to get visitors, and it is quite difficult to acquire large traffic without better rankings by search engines.

So…what could be the best approaches to drive crazy traffic to your site?

  1. Use social media – sharing your content throughout all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on has been identified as a great source of getting better rankings by search engines, this is because search engines give more authority to sites that are more social than others.
  2. Social Media Platforms

  3. Be engaging with your visitors – you could be asking people to comment on your content and let them feel the urge to ask you questions. By answering to their questions on time makes your site have a sense of huge functionality and this uplifts the authority search engines give to your site and more authority brings more rankings and more rankings bring more visitors which in turn brings more revenue!.
  4. Write, Write, Write – add content to your site regularly, invest a lot of time in writing. The more content you have the better rankings you should have!. So update your site with articles that are helpful to your visitors.

To learn more on how to get better ranking please join this platform for an apt tutorial!

6. Monetization of your site

how to monetize your site

Monetization Phase

Assuming that you have gone through all the above information and probably carried out or planning to carry out all the possible tasks which include: site creation by hosting with a platform of your choice, installing basic and necessary plugins, writing helpful content by adhering the rules of writing a good content, making your content socially engageable and finally this is the very last and the sole reason for carrying out all the above tasks, so be attentive to the following piece of information….

After getting visitors for your site especially organic ones, the money-making process becomes extremely simple..

There will be tons of making money and achieving your financial dreams but in this content, I just want to highlight only two of them which personally worked for me and probably works for anyone out there..

Depending on the niche you happen to have specialized you can be promoting other people’s products, your own product/service or you can be placing ads on your site which lets you get revenue!

In the first case, “

Promoting product

” involves what is so-called affiliate marketing

How can you join affiliate marketing programs?
affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s assume, in your site you are discussing dressing/clothing, at this point, you can join multiple affiliate programs, like Amazon Associates, eBay, Rakuteen Linkshare, Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, and so on! After signing up and getting approved by those programs, you could be looking for clothing products and then get links to those products, come to your site, write advertising or in short a product review article and then place those links multiple areas of the content scope! Then when a visitor comes and reads your content, find it useful and then click one of the links and finally buy that product then, of course, you will be getting a predefined amount of commission!

You can as well sell your own products/services. Market your skill through here

Placing ads:

monetizing a site with ads has always been a very common methodology and it still remains. This is the easiest way to monetize your site.

It all involves a few clicks and then you are done!

What are ads and how do they generate income to YOU?

Well, this is in general term called Google AdSense, it is a program owned by Google. The reason why it was formulated by Google is to promote some products owned by companies or businesses. These companies or businesses may be struggling to get large customers for their products so this has forced them to partner with Google and pay some money so that Google drives traffic to their products!

Now! Depending on the budget that the company invested in an advertisement, Google will pay you a certain portion usually 68% for any visitor of your site who happens to click those ads whether they buy products or NOT!

At the Decision Point!

Decision Point

By thoroughly considering the above two main money making techniques, you need to decide which one to use for your site, which one is easy for you! though the affiliate marketing generates more income than the ads still none of them can be overlooked!

So you can take one of the following three choices

  • You can write any article of your choice in your niche and then place Google ads only to get revenue and monetize your site..
  • You can sign up to affiliate marketing programs, get product links and then write an article giving insights about those products, then generate income through that way!
  • Finally, you can do both at the same time!… place Google ads in your article at the same time write a product review and wait to earn commissions, {this could be maximizing your income}

Regardless of the choice you’ve made, at the end of the day, you will want to put more hard work in order to realize your financial dreams!



For all the above steps to be fully made in the right order, apparently you need help and ongoing support that sorts out the obstacles you get across on your way to the final step, that’s monetization phase: so, for your convenience, I have drafted the most essential platform that gives out all the necessary tutorials, essential resources for your success and enables you steer all website creation requirements from one point, be it buying the domain, hosting your site, what plugins to install, where to get free visual resources (this is very very helpful because you do not need to go out there and collect images) as this platform directs you to free resources just to save your time and get for you HD graphs….

If you need all that, say YES AND CLICK HERE to join this platform.

Would you ever have any question regarding any of the things you happen to have read in this article, please leave your question as a comment and I will be happy to give the most relevant reply!


8 thoughts on “How To Build Your Own Website Free – And Monetize Instantly

  • I’ve been hearing about affiliate marketing, but because I have absolutely no IT skills I’ve been put off from trying. However, reading through this article has really made the entire process a lot simpler. Thanks for laying it out in easy to understand steps. I might just have a go at it.

  • I have enjoyed this post due to the way you have guided me step by step to setup up a website.
    I appreciate that website creation has come a long way. Before one had to be IT savvy to get a website running but nowadays I too with minimal IT knowledge can get the job done.
    I don’t know how far auto blogging has reached; are there automated website out there?
    Thank you

  • Good blueprint for those looking to set up their site the correct way. What’s great about website creation and optimization is the fact anyone can start at any given time and though a learning curve is involved, creating, expanding, and tending to a site becomes second nature in no time. I definitely stress for those who are rookies, however, to have patience when it comes to building proper content, SEO, and ultimately monetization, as it takes perhaps a greater learning curve in these avenues. But again, given proper time, they will have gained all the knowledge necessary to succeed in creating and monetizing their own site, perhaps to the point they can quit their day job.

  • Thank you for the useful article, i really appreciate it.
    When i started to build my website, it was really hard, as i didn’t know exactly what to do.
    plugins are extremely important as well.


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