Etihad Airlines Online Booking – Read the Review before you book!

Etihad Airlines Reviews

Booking any destination of your choice has never been easier, trustworthy, and dependable than currently. It is quite interesting to read a very much honest and generalized review about a product or service you may want to buy or pay for in the internet before doing so…

Here is the actual customer-based review article that discourses about one of the most popular airlines in the aviation industry that enables you to book your flight online and offline as well.

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Company name:                   Etihad Airways
Service Offered:                  Issuing flight tickets to travelers of all kind
Date Established:               2003
Main Headquarters:        Abu Dhabi
Destinations covered:   All the six Cotenants
Main Site:                             click here
Customers’ rating:             4.0 out of 5 (12,400 reviews collected)
My rating:                           4.2 out of 5

Etihad Airways APAC

Company’s background info

This company was established in July 2003 and commenced its operation five months later, December 2003. It is one of the major flight companies in the Arab hemisphere. It has over 40,000 routes available for booking covering 90 destinations. It possesses 131 operational modern aircraft. It has 20,000 employees. It covers destinations in all the six continents speckled all over the world.

Modern Aircraft

The Advantages of booking a flight at Etihad Airlines online/offline

  • Well-mannered and accommodating Staff: The most essential parameter to be taken into contemplation by any company has always and will always remain staff-customer relationship. This is because, the customer being the most significant biller for any business, has to be prioritized before any other component, and Etihad airlines having this in mind has employed fully deserving, polite, dedicated, experienced and goal-oriented staff who deal with customers’ needs in the most appropriate way. Anyone who ever booked a ticket through this company could openly say that’ Etihad airlines could have 99-problems but staff isn’t gonna be one’.
  • Flight-joint services – Etihad partnered with a couple of other companies who are as well important for flight; hotel reservation companies, car rentals, tour companies that direct top places to visit. One advantage in this category that Etihad airlines has over other flight companies is that it has connections with 5-star hotels, and these hotels and as well renting cars can readily and easily be booked through the companies main website from the comfort of your home!. All In One Flight Industry (AIOFI).
  • Money refund – in case of unforeseen circumstances that suspends your flight plan, Etihad airlines takes an acrobatic responsibility of letting you get all your money back in the soonest time possible.
  • Award-winning services – One major problem with most of the flight industries is that poor and unreliable in-flight services. In order to outshine its stiff competitors, Etihad Airways employed in-flight chef for all the respective aircraft, this made sure that the food and beverages served to the customers are of high quality and pleasant to everyone out there. On top of that, the managers and as well the flying nannies (who help people with babies) are of high standard, morally strong and attentive to customer wants.
  • Discounts – just to enhance and enable your flight with ease, Etihad airways gives away huge and daily discounts flights for all destinations. It is quite irresistible to conclude that any cheap service usually has a compromising quality but in this scenario, Etihad airway remains EXCEPTIONAL. It offers discounts without compromising the quality of service offered.
  • Allowances – at the time of writing this review, there are specific allowances for a specific group of people at a specific time, for instance, there is allowance for more baggage to students who travel from India to Europe, USA, Australia via the headquarter Abu Dhabi, this may be changing with time…. take a look at the available allowances right now.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-book website – for all the online clients, (who are probably reading this electronic page) can easily schedule and reserve any ticket they feel like booking. The company’s main page is designed by superior and highly-skilled programming team such that the layout and the underlying system functionality are well set and extremely navigative.
  • All time support – as true as it sounds. On top of all the unrivaled services here and there by Etihad airlines to its customers, there is as well support center both on the ground and virtual. This support team is dedicated to sorting out issues a customer may have regarding their flight. These support staffs use all means of communication to smoothen complaint-road about their clients, among the means they use are; all social media platforms led by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and as well direct cell phone calls.

Social Media Platforms

The cons of Etihad Airways

  • The possibility of not covering any destination you feel like traveling to – of course, this flight company has got coverage zones across the world, but this doesn’t mean that it travels to all cities and towns but rather means it has got airport stations in some cities usually major ones. So in case, you might have planned to book a flight through Etihad Airways you have to consider the available destinations that can be traveled to before deciding to book. This can be known by visiting their main website.
  • Customer-perspective error – although this can hardly be treated as a con, but in some instances, it can serve as an inconvenience. Such instances include when a certain activity like entertainment which is meant to amuse the clients or foodstuffs meant to attract the clients seem to be not serving the intended purpose. Like, when I was making my research before I wrote this content, I happen to have come across a client of Etihad Airways claiming that nothing is sensible and attractive he saw, instead he vomited many times when certain food was presented to (him/her). It is true that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so what seems to be delicious to you may make someone else vomit….in such instance when a specific food which may be you are allergic to it is given to you, you denounce the company and that could best describe the phrase “customer-perspective error

Recommendations and conclusions

If you are still reading, then this is VERY important…..

All the above information is sincerely accurate and precise. No matter how money points would be added in any of the two main headlines (i.e. the pros and cons)but the mentioned ones remain the most relevant deductions about Etihad Airlines and it is your part to decide either to trust and book your ticket to your desired destination or not. However, if you found this unsatisfying there are still other flight options like Qatar Airways reviewed here as well myflightsearch which is also reviewed here.

Eventually, would you be left with any query regarding Etihad Airlines reviews, please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below or visit the company’s main site and get your questions solved in the FAQs or you can email me through the email address in the footer and I will look forward to solving your problems with all my capabilities.

Save and sound journey with Etihad Airways.


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3 thoughts on “Etihad Airlines Online Booking – Read the Review before you book!

  • I like being informed of these relatively ‘new’ up and coming airlines. Sometimes the same old same old can become complacent and not that bothered by their customers’ needs and/or feedback. 

    I like how Etihad are prepared to offer full refunds to customers who have been let down. All too often airlines will do whatever they can to get out of any financial repercussions. 

    Great post, thank you 🙂

  • Generally, Etihad airways is suggested to be one of the best and most travelled airways the whole world round and with s lot of positive positive reviews to go with it but as in all cases, there would definitely be some cons but they’re far outweighed by the pros as clearly stated in the article.

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