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Abdirashid Abdirahman
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Thank you for coming to read my personal information as the author of this website’s content

I am Abdirashid Abdirahman, aged 24.

I am black by race, but I have little knowledge about racism.

I did my schooling, both primary and secondary in Kenya.
Right away (the time of writing this page) I am doing my degree in Software Engineering.

I joined the online world back in 2014, one year later, 2015 I became a great freelancer. 1 year later, 2016 I decided to expand my income from the internet and I had to start blogging because this is what seemed to me very satisfactory so long as I was greatly reputed at article writing.

Together with six other friends, we unanimously agreed that we open up a professional website where we discuss product reviews in-depth, hence titled our site my-a-to-z-affiliate.com. We would have taken the possessive “our” instead of “my” unfortunately, that domain was already taken, so we had to pick that one.

Among the group, I was assigned to be the leader and the master of all writings, and I accepted the role so long I was much experienced than anyone of them.

My personal hobby

I like….

  • Helping people and feel happy when I get appreciations.
  • Watching and playing football.
  • Making new friends and cooperating with old ones.
  • To watch inspirational videos, read informative articles.
  • Inventions in every aspect of life that matters to me.
  • Making research, noting down good points and implementing concepts.

What I hate

I hate people…

  • With no strong morale.
  • With poor intentions of any kind.
  • Who are racist, religion and faith abusers.
  • With no patience, consistency and adaptability.
  • Who conclude very fast.
  • With pessimistic ideologies.

I too hate watching horror and porn movies…


My wishes & future hopes

I hope to…..

  • Establish a strong financial base for myself, now and in the future.
  • Rise the living standards of all those who are related to me by both blood and friendship.
  • Reward my life with a good wife who is caring, friendly, understanding and educated.



If you have gone through all the above personal data, then I for sure have the urge of befriending you permanently, so please be contacting me through the email indicated in the footer of this page or you may Skype me through the Skype ID: rashka461

Otherwise, thank you for your concern and your time.




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